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So ya I totally forgot about this thing. I just got a sidekick and I'm bored at work. Thought I'd post and say working 80 hours a week between a porn store and a camera store sucks. Plus photography ya I'm tired rawr. Anyways things r good angel and I are looking for apts to get away from my parents some of the 2 bedrooms I've called about r a bit expensive though. Ya I duno I'm not working 80 hours to spend my entire check on bills fuck that shit
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survey since ive been neglecting

10 people who impacted your life in 2006::
alot of people did make a huge difference in my life this past year.. ive gone through some major changes and have gained more confidence than i have ever had.. i am the happiest i have ever been with myself and i owe it to some very close people..
1. angel has to have been the number one person to have impacted my life last year.. even though it was towards the last two months he did more for my tiffyness than anybody did all year..
2.abby of course is at the top of this list ... she is the closest person and has done nothing but been there for me ..i wouldnt be the tiffy without the abby..
3. my aunt.. duh shes my aunt..
4. my parents.. but in a wierd way they just made me realize i am stronger than i think and can deal with alot
5. loreley.. ok this girl brings out the best in me for real..
6.mikey- i could go on and on with my reasons why
7.trinity- i say this person because of a few reasons but trinity is amazing..
8. chris from work
9. dan
10. and ill leave this blank for my own reason

9 of your favorite bands during 2006: [do just singers count?
umm alot of these bands are bands that have been around for a long time
1.bleeding though
4.evans blue
5.30 seconds to mars
7.akon - dont ask
8. butter beans
9. ignite
10. protest the hero

8 songs that have had meaning in your life during 2006::
alot of songs did but im not putting them down ill just say some of the bands that had meaning to me during this time had to have been deftones and evans blue

7 good memories of 2006::
1. abby going nuts on the cactus with the samarai sword
2. pantsless lady at nancys
3.angel moving in
4. my birthday at duck soup
5. meeting ian chris and everyone
6. miami.. even though i fell over
7. getting locked in the bathroom at a party

6 things you would change about 2006::
1. i would have changed my tiffyness way earlier in the year
2. would never have dated justin
3. tried to have spent more time with dan since he is moving
4. would have saved alot more money so i could already have my own place
5. like to have worked out more
6. made more of an effort with my photography
7. would have liked to have gotten back in school

5 things you learned in 2006::
1. who my real friends are
2. its ok to doubt who u really are
3. change is really good
4. dont give a fuck what other people think..think for myself
5. not to let people walk all over me ..

4 words that describe 2006::
* life changing
* amazing
* entertaining
* amusing

3 feelings you felt during 2006::
* happiness
* scared
* hopeful

2 ways 2007 will be better::
* i have a different outlook on things and im more possitive and happy with myself for once
* i have some really close friends that are amazing

1 resolution for 2007::
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i think i may have started to neglect this awhile ago.. doot anyways things have been good angel is still staying with me.. i dress more like a girl now.. the photography thing is going pretty good.. the end
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that is all

ok no not really but been getting alot of work recently which is goood.. just shoots for different people .. working on my digital presentation and i should be starting the actual presentation this weekend.. sending it out to a buttload of places.. im considering finding a job retouching somewhere and then stepping down as manager at my job.. i need better money if i want to move out and ya i need to move out sooon before i lose my mind.. angel started a job woot woot
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everythings good in the neighborhood.. i need new clothes and a second job though and i need to start working out.. yeah i gots lots of crap to start doing.. having angel staying here rocks.. never a dull moment.. pass the hotcocks please im going to do a shoot now
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strange i opened my email today and saw this
Dear tiffany,
Here is your single's love horoscope
for Monday, November 13:

You're sensitive and always attuned to others' needs. It's a delightful set of traits, but make sure that others aren't taking advantage of your good natured and considerate ways. It's time to set the record straight.

doot in other news i was having a dream i had a kid with a tail.. this is the second dream ive had like this.. funny shit.. also i guess i was dreaming that i was late for work cause when the alarm went of i freaked out jumped out of bed screaming holy shit im late the store has to be open in 10 minutes and i was running around frantic.. angel was like tiffy u dont have to be in till 11:30.. so i jumped back in the bed laughed at myself and laid down for another 20 minutes.. it was hilarious.. i used to do that shit all the time with school.. haha funny